The Faculty of Lesser-Known Arts & Sciences

The Faculty of Lesser - Known Arts & Sciences 



The Lesser-Known Arts & Sciences are the crawlspaces of a university. Our faculty and programs provide the opportunity to poke at the oddities of the natural world. Myths, legends, rumours, and sightings—we bring these all together in a critical context of storytelling, outdated classroom technologies, and inexpensive ales and pilsners. 

Lesser-Known Arts & Sciences Faculty and visiting scholars ask— and no need to answer!—questions about the rough edges of knowledge, where facts fade into wonder.


Upcoming Gathering:
An Evening of Hexes & Hoaxes

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Royal Canadian Legion Branch No.1
116 7 Ave SE

The Faculty of Lesser-Known Arts & Sciences returns from their sabbatical, and cordially extends an invitation to their third gathering: An Evening of Hexes and Hoaxes.

Faculty members and visiting scholars shine light on the obscure, the esoteric and the downright questionable as we investigate the shadowy corners of our natural and supernatural world. Together four faculty members will explore the following research topics:

Hex Marks the Spot: A Colloquium on Contemporary Spells, Sorcery and Enchantment.
Professor Emeritus of Wikkology, Fardwar Smellmud

Great Canadian Hexes and Hoaxes: A Review of Seminal Moments in Questionable Histories
Professor Claudia Bustos, Department of Parapsychology & Archival Studies

Tricky Tactics: How to Lie for Fun & Profit
Professor of Prestidigitation, Ryan Pilling, Department of Deceptions

The Piltdown Putdown
Professor Che Ingrate, Department of Fake Journalism




"Ubi non oportet ire uias"


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